Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poetic Money

If you take a close look at a $100 peso note you'll see some interesting things, first of all the Picture on it is the last Aztec King of Mexico..Cuahtemoc. He was captured by Hernan Cortez' Conquistador's while attempting to escape during the siege of Mexico city.

Cortez had him bound and tortured by putting his feet in a fire trying to force him to tell where the rest of the Aztecs golden treasury was hidden...He never talked.

Another interesting thing on the bill is just below Cuahtemocs left ear, above the word "peso" you can see something's very small and you'll need a really strong magnifying glass to see it. Here's what it says: (translation):

I love the song of the corn.....

& the bird of 400 voices...

I love the color of jade

and the invigorating perfume of the flowers...

But I love more my fellow men (humanity).



Netzalhualcoyotzin (in Nahuatl Indian language means "Fasting Coyote")...he was the poet warrior king of Texcoco, Mexico...His Father was assassinated when he was six. He hid in a Cherry tree and made his way South of Texcoco to Tlaxcala where he was adopted and trained as a warrior. When he reached adulthood he returned with a band of warriors to recapture Texcoco and regain his throne.

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