Monday, September 15, 2008

Independence Day

I went to the Market was packed, people buying things in preperation for Independence day tomorrow...Big dinners everywhere...typical meals for tomorrow will be Pozole (a hominy soup type dish with strips of pork or chicken, oregano, chili flakes and lime juice, garnished with radish slices and shredded lettuce...served with tostadas. The tequila will be flowing like a river.

Theres a Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera exposition at the Municipal Palace in Puebla...along with free movies at the Cathedral about legends, music and things identifying poblanos on the 19th. 20th & 21st of Sept. ay 8:30 PM.

Lots of things happening:

At the XXI Century Auditorium****

Oct. 7th-- The BBC Orq. and the Royal Philharmonic will perform at 8:30 PM

Sept. 20th... El TRI...Rock Group,

Sept. 21st ... The National Symphony Orquestra performs at 12:30 PM

October 2nd... The Opera Center of Moscow performs "Carmen" at 8:00 PM

Oct. 17th-- Juanes will sing at 8:00 PM

Oct. 30yh.-- Judas Priest performs at 8:30 PM

September 28th is the Atlixcayotl Festival in Atlixco. Puebla (25 minutes from Puebla), a Festival that dates back to Prehispanic times.

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