Sunday, September 14, 2008


It's September 14th and Mexican Independence Day is 2 days away.. Already people are streaming to the Ocean beaches. I cant styand a crowded beach. It's better to wait for the off season.

So let me introduce myself: My name is Bob Cox, I've lived, off & on , in Mexico for 40 years..I'm an officially accredited tourist guide for the State of Tlaxcala. I have a wife, (Raquel), 2 kids who are grown and married, living in the next State over, 50 miles from here.

Originally I was raised in Georgia but left when I was a teenager and wanderlust overcame me...I carried a copy of Jack Kerouacs book, "on the Road" for years thinking it was the bible.

Crossed the border back and forth so many times I lost count... Now have resident papers and a work permit .

If anyones thinking of living, retiring, snowbirding for an extended period drop me a line and I'll try to answer your questions.

I'm located in the central highlands of Mexico...I like Mountains.. Do most of my business around Puebla...Tlaxcala...vera cruz area.

Went to Puebla yesterday to see my Dr. at the Social Security Clinic...I have mildly high blood pressure... I've managed to get into the system and get free medicine, medical care and meds.

Saw an interesting police vehicle yesterday downtown was a golf cart...check out the photo. Where I live in Tlaxcala they have bike patrols... easier to get through traffic jams.

Lot of flak about how unsafe Mexico is, but I feel safer here than in the U.S. .

Hope to hear from you. Bob


Stephen said...

Hello Bob,

I found your Blog and will check it from time to time. I don't know how to get automatic notices when you update.

Mexico-Mystic is a good title for you :-)

tourguide said...

Thanks Steve....have a nice day.

claudia said...

Is nice to see this blog.CONGRATULATIONS I will be visiting you with frecuence...

Bill Lee said...

Hey, Bob. I am still enjoying looking at the photographs from our visit to Tlaxcala, especially the photos of the murals. Your knowledge of Tlaxcala and the detail information you shared about the murals made them so much more meaningful to me than they would have been otherwise. Tell Raquel I said Hola.

Bill Lee

Paul Cox said...

Hi Bob, it's nice to see your blog and the pics in it but i have to take the time to see all closely anyway, i hope you sent me mails when you upload any stuff.
best regards:
Paul Cox.

Bill Lee said...

I just returned from a fabulous week in Puerto Vallarta. Nice people, great weather no danger in sight.

Makes me wonder why the news media leaves everyone with the impression that Mexico is on the verge of collapse, that the drug cartels have taken over. This is very misleading.

While no one in their right mind would visit the border cities, it has been my experience that the rest of the country is no more dangerous than a typical US city.

For the past 8 years, I have also led mission trips into the heart of Mexico and have never had a hint of a problem with danger. We ride buses, eat in outdoor cafes, etc. and feel no danger whatsoever.