Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Had a little business last week, a group of 12 people went with us on our "Hacienda Tour", we visited a couple of Haciendas that raised fighting bulls and a Pulque Hacienda where they brewed Cactus Juice. Actually the fermented juice of the Agave Plants.

It was like stepping back into the wild wild west, Very well conserved Ranches that have an atmosphere that makes you think Zorro is goind to ride up on a horse at any minute.

Idepence Day is over but celebrations go on..They erected a countdown Bi Centennial Clock in the main Plaza ...721 days to go till the Bi Centennial of Independence from Spain.

Also the next big event will be at the end of October & through November...The Day of the Dead and the State Fair along with the Running of the Bulls through the streets downtown.

Have a nice day...................Bob

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