Friday, September 26, 2008

A Ship in the Mountains

Awhile back a friend stopped by my house. He had been to Veracruz and picked up a truckload of red cedar wood and wanted to know if I'd like to buy some. So I did and eventually made a bar out of it. But what are you going to do with the rest of it? I asked.

It's for a Catholic Church about 60 miles from here called St. Andrews. he told me.

So a couple of months ago someone stopped by and asked if we'd like to see an unusual church at St. Andrews Buenavista. So off we went. And what an amazing Church it is, Its built like the Santa Maria of Columbus's fleet. What a strange sight to see a caravel sitting amidst the mountains of Tlaxcala.We were in luck to encounter Father Arnulfo Mejia the Priest of the San Andres Church, who gave us an excellent tour of the ship.

The principal theme of the ship is religious syncretism as represented in the architecture and decorations. Amixing of prehispanic and European cultures, there are many prehispanic glifs in the church.

Theres a cellar with crypts...1st floor is the Temple & pulpit...2nd floor is aGallery and cafeteria...

3rd floor is game room, cultural events, museum observacion balcony, a terrace & masts.

There biggest Fiesta day is October the 12th (Of Course!!)

Father Arnulfo says the project started in 1974 and the idea of the construction of a ship started in 1984 because St. Andrew was an Apostle of Jesus and a fisherman as were his brothers, .

Also Jesus preached from a boat and the boat is a symbol of Salvation.

A most unusual place to visit if you ever get this way.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Had a little business last week, a group of 12 people went with us on our "Hacienda Tour", we visited a couple of Haciendas that raised fighting bulls and a Pulque Hacienda where they brewed Cactus Juice. Actually the fermented juice of the Agave Plants.

It was like stepping back into the wild wild west, Very well conserved Ranches that have an atmosphere that makes you think Zorro is goind to ride up on a horse at any minute.

Idepence Day is over but celebrations go on..They erected a countdown Bi Centennial Clock in the main Plaza ...721 days to go till the Bi Centennial of Independence from Spain.

Also the next big event will be at the end of October & through November...The Day of the Dead and the State Fair along with the Running of the Bulls through the streets downtown.

Have a nice day...................Bob

Monday, September 15, 2008

Independence Day

I went to the Market was packed, people buying things in preperation for Independence day tomorrow...Big dinners everywhere...typical meals for tomorrow will be Pozole (a hominy soup type dish with strips of pork or chicken, oregano, chili flakes and lime juice, garnished with radish slices and shredded lettuce...served with tostadas. The tequila will be flowing like a river.

Theres a Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera exposition at the Municipal Palace in Puebla...along with free movies at the Cathedral about legends, music and things identifying poblanos on the 19th. 20th & 21st of Sept. ay 8:30 PM.

Lots of things happening:

At the XXI Century Auditorium****

Oct. 7th-- The BBC Orq. and the Royal Philharmonic will perform at 8:30 PM

Sept. 20th... El TRI...Rock Group,

Sept. 21st ... The National Symphony Orquestra performs at 12:30 PM

October 2nd... The Opera Center of Moscow performs "Carmen" at 8:00 PM

Oct. 17th-- Juanes will sing at 8:00 PM

Oct. 30yh.-- Judas Priest performs at 8:30 PM

September 28th is the Atlixcayotl Festival in Atlixco. Puebla (25 minutes from Puebla), a Festival that dates back to Prehispanic times.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


It's September 14th and Mexican Independence Day is 2 days away.. Already people are streaming to the Ocean beaches. I cant styand a crowded beach. It's better to wait for the off season.

So let me introduce myself: My name is Bob Cox, I've lived, off & on , in Mexico for 40 years..I'm an officially accredited tourist guide for the State of Tlaxcala. I have a wife, (Raquel), 2 kids who are grown and married, living in the next State over, 50 miles from here.

Originally I was raised in Georgia but left when I was a teenager and wanderlust overcame me...I carried a copy of Jack Kerouacs book, "on the Road" for years thinking it was the bible.

Crossed the border back and forth so many times I lost count... Now have resident papers and a work permit .

If anyones thinking of living, retiring, snowbirding for an extended period drop me a line and I'll try to answer your questions.

I'm located in the central highlands of Mexico...I like Mountains.. Do most of my business around Puebla...Tlaxcala...vera cruz area.

Went to Puebla yesterday to see my Dr. at the Social Security Clinic...I have mildly high blood pressure... I've managed to get into the system and get free medicine, medical care and meds.

Saw an interesting police vehicle yesterday downtown was a golf cart...check out the photo. Where I live in Tlaxcala they have bike patrols... easier to get through traffic jams.

Lot of flak about how unsafe Mexico is, but I feel safer here than in the U.S. .

Hope to hear from you. Bob